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NORQUEST has the following side events:
NORQUEST - USA Career Fair:
  • 2.0 ECTS credits as part of AE1706 The Global Engineer;
  • 5-10 companies each related to a category of NORQUEST - International Projects Competition + other external organization;
  • Interviews for the NORQUEST - USA Summer Trainee Program;
  • Fundraising event for both competition & trainee program;
  • Lunch lectures;
  • Location: KTH Library;
  • Lenght: 2 days
NORQUEST - USA Summer Trainee Program:
  • Ca. 5-10 participants (1 or 2 students per company);
  • 3 months internship + 1 month of travel as a group for visits to the American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) in New York among other organizations;
  • Eligible for participating are all students at KTH (undergrad. + grad. students)
Preliminary Time Line 2012-2014 (1.5 year cyclus):
Fall 2012: Outreach (preparing outreach material + contacting different KTH schools, companies & other external organizations)
Spring 2013: Fair (hosting + interviews etc.)
Summer 2014(!): Trainee Program (internship + travel)
Tasks for AE1706 The Global Engineer 2012:
Task 1 Week37: Draft Letter of Recommendation
Writing a draft letter of recommendation (ca. 300-400 words) on behalf of each dean of a KTH School (related to one of the 6 categories):
• Energy & Transport (ET):
• Food & Water / Biotechnology / Life Sciences (FBL):

• Building Technology & Built Environment (BB):
• Technology Management & Economics / Innovative Product Development (TI):

• Education for Sustainable Development (ESD):
• Applied Information & Communication Technology (AICT):
The letter will be used for contacting companies and other external organizations. For the USA Summer Trainee Program these external organizations include:
American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF)
For the above US groups a letter of recommendation is required as well. Examples of a letter of recommendation can be found in the NORQUEST Prezi:
Example Letter of Recommendation: Chalmers for Orange Quest
Questions? Send an E-mail to: info at norquest dot org